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OLILAB Laboratories is Croatian company which main business activities are production, wholesale and retail trade of cosmetic products on the territory of Republic of Croatia and nearby countries.

Our long lasting experience in the treatment of hair and scalp problems resulted in making one of the highest quality and most effective product in that area. For now, a narrow range of products, will be wider in the future by constantly considering the problems and suggestions of our customers. Our production is regulated by the highest EU standards in the raw material selection. The effectiveness, efficacy and simplicity are main characteristics of our products which are recognized by our business partners and final customers. Because of the wide branched retail network of our business partners, products with OLILAB label can be found in most stores with pharmaceutical products in Croatia, particularly in pharmacies.

OLILAB products are composed from mostly natural substances which have specific action on skin or hair problem.

Our current and future clients are the ones who have some of the next dermatological symptoms: dandruff, itching, redness, hair loss. In the development and production process we consider big attention in avoiding the use of unconfirmed and potentially dangerous ingredients to your heatlh. Therefore, our products are free of parabens and preservatives and without synthetic fragrances.

Our long-term strategy is to develop a full range of products based on natural ingredients that will provide skin care in all situations.

Our moto: "If you you experience hair loss, dandruff, itching and redness, try OLILAB New black shampoo"

All our products can be purchased at our retail store in Zagreb (address on the map in the footer),and in most pharmacies as well.

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