Action of components

Ichthyol - Plus action

Dual action active components that soothes irritated skin and scalp.
Activation of double-acting Ichthyol for skin that is prone to redness reduces symptoms of inflammation of the skin.




The raw material of natural origin



Chamomile extract

For sensitive and dry skin + It acts mildly antibacterial + It soothes the skin, reduces irritation in mild inflammatory conditions and minor allergic reactions (rash) + Nurtures, nourishes the skin and restores its elasticity


Aloe Vera extract

It nourishes and protects the skin + Restores dry, irritated and damaged skin + Supports ability to regenerate skin + With its moisture stimulates collagen production + It soothes the skin after prolonged sun exposure + It reduces pain and redness caused by insect bites + Helps in protection against the creation of striae


Almond oil

It is suitable for all skin types + It soothes inflammation, reduces redness and irritation of the skin + It is recommended for dry and sensitive skin + It nourishes and protects the skin + Rich in vitamins A, B and E + It soothes the skin after prolonged sun exposure + The basis for the daily care and protection


Olive oil

Hydrates and nourishes the skin and hair + Softens dry skin and makes it smooth + With regular use, skin becomes soft and smooth + Naturally rich in antioxidants, vitamin E + Helps in keeping skin elasticity + It stimulates skin regeneration + Protection from UV rays


Coconut oil

Softens dry and rough skin and makes it smoother + It stimulates skin regeneration + Increases the strength of connective tissue + Restores the protective layer of the skin + It acts mildly antibacterial + Soothes irritated skin


Shea butter

It nourishes, soothes and protects the skin + Vegetable oil rich with stearic, oleic and linoleic acid + Deeply penetrates the skin and supports the ability to regenerate skin + Suitable for moisturizing all skin types + It prevents moisture loss from the skin + Protects skin from external influences and drying, restores moisture and softness + Protects against UV rays

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